DERO Wallet Guide

Your comprehensive guide to choosing the right DERO wallet.

Registering Your Wallet and Security Practices

Registering your wallet is a vital step to ensuring that you can receive and manage your DERO securely. It involves a one-time registration process that requires your wallet to stay connected to a node. This process is necessary to synchronize your wallet with the network and can take several hours depending on your CPU's performance. This connection helps prevent spamming the network and ensures smooth transactions. Follow the detailed instructions during the setup process for each recommended wallet. It is imperative to:

  • Save Your Seed Phrase: During wallet setup, you'll be given a seed phrase. This seed phrase is crucial for recovering your wallet in case of device failure or loss. Keep it secure and never share it with anyone.
  • Understand Wallet Ownership: The foundational principle of cryptocurrency is 'not your keys, not your wallet.' Ensuring that you alone control the keys to your wallet guarantees that you have full ownership and control over your assets.

Properly managing these elements will safeguard your assets and ensure you are the only one with access to your funds.

Connecting to our DERO API

If you do not have a local node setup, you can connect to our node to manage your DERO securely. Using a node hosted by us provides you with reliable access to the DERO network without the need to maintain your own node hardware and software. Follow these instructions:

  • Node Address: Use the address
    to connect to our node directly. This connection allows you to perform transactions and manage your wallet securely over the network.
  • Security Practices: While using a remote node offers convenience, it is crucial to continue following best security practices. Ensure your wallet's security features are enabled, and be mindful of network security settings.

Connecting to our node is a practical option for users who prefer not to run a local node but still wish to participate in the DERO network. Remember, maintaining control over your private keys is vital to ensuring your assets' security.

Available Wallet Options

Choosing the right wallet is crucial for managing your DERO securely. We recommend the following options based on your needs:

CLI Wallet

The CLI Wallet is the preferred choice for those who need full control over their DERO assets. Supported by the DERO Foundation, it provides robust functionality for advanced users. For more information and download, visit the CLI Wallet documentation.

Use with Wallet:

Engram Wallet

Engram offers a user-friendly interface with the backing of the DERO Foundation. It's perfect for users who prefer a graphical user interface (GUI) over command-line interactions. Learn more and download from the Engram Wallet documentation.

G45 Wallet

The G45 Wallet is another excellent option for DERO users, providing a blend of functionality and ease of use. Check out the setup guide and more in this video:

For additional details and downloads, visit the G45 Wallet GitHub repository.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Pool Work with Exchange Wallets?

While it's possible to use exchange wallets, we recommend using a dedicated DERO wallet for security and control over your assets. Remember, not your keys, not your coins!